The following is the story of the creation of Asberg Dolfijn Energetica®.

Dolphins have been friends of humans for many centuries. They inspire, make people enthusiastic and joyful with their infectious playfulness, their power, joy of life and intelligence.
We have known that they have a healing influence on the human psyche for a long time. WildQuest_W9_2015 621 cWithout exception they strike a chord: young, old, with or without limitation or disorder. There is probably no scientific evidence for their healing effect but you simply have to watch for yourself, and see what happens to the people.
Dolphins can be viewed as mystical beings. They are called the angels of the sea. Many of those who swam with the dolphins will confirm this.
In 2004, I was completely unexpectedly touched by the dolphins. A friend told me she would go to the Red Sea to swim with dolphins. This news would not let go of me, and in the following days I became (out of nowhere) increasingly emotional regarding dolphins. I ‘had’ to go there!
This invitation made me think. Why do I need to go to there? I already had experience with third party energetic remedies, and was suddenly inspired to create energetic remedies with dolphins. With this clear intention I travelled to Egypt, without any knowledge of how to make energetic remedies.

What are energetic remedies?

Chemically speaking: clear spring water and brandy. The spring water functions as an information carrier, the brandy as conservation. What many know is that you can save information or energy in water (but, for example, also in salt or crystals).

The world famous Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has demonstrated the information-carrying

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quality of water by photographing ice crystals. It turns out that distilled water can form very different ice crystals depending on the information that was sent to the water. Take a look at the European website of his organisation.

The basis of the dolphin energies is spring water. The information saved in the spring water is an energetic pattern (a field of consciousness) created by the dolphins in the Red Sea, where the bottles of spring water were present at that time. I could feel this energy field very well, and it was very powerful. This is how the first series of dolphin energies was created in the Red Sea. More>>

What information is stored in the dolphin energies? That is the being (or frequency/vibration) of the wild dolphins from the Red Sea. The way they live and who they are, they express that with their being. The benefit of the dolphins in comparison to people is that they have no blockages at the chakra level. The first series of dolphin energies (‘Series 1’) specifically works blockage-solving for the chakra system. However, they are not medicinal! They are remedies that support your spiritual growth or self-healing power.

An extensive testing period followed. After a year, I was convinced that these energetic remedies, light remedies, essences or whatever you like to call them, really do great work! They support the self-healing power of humans. Since 2005, they have been distributed under the brand name: Asberg Dolfijn Energetica®


The content of this website in no way claims that you should not use your own physician or other medical professionals. On the contrary: they should be involved as much as possible in the choices you make. You are responsible for your own choices. We can help you with that.

The Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® are not medicine and should never be promoted or used as such. They are supporting products at the energetic level that can support a person in his/her spiritual development.