Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 1

This Energetica opens the heart so that love can flow again. The self-confidence can be restored. The child can therefore get back in touch with his feelings, and the creativity can flow again. Joy, play and pleasure can be experienced again. In these times, that is sometimes more difficult for the child because of the cosmic influence of these times.
Restore the energetic lines with the surroundings. The child is alert again and feels free and happy.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 2

This children’s dolphin energy is an aid for children who have lost faith in themselves because more is expected from them than a child’s soul can handle. The approach of children (from the solar plexus) sometimes happens in an adult way. A child can become blocked because the understanding at that level is not yet sufficiently developed. This Energetica brings the child back in touch with the feelings, so that the intuition can be restored and the child regains faith in himself.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 3

Joy, joy, joy. This children’s dolphin energy helps to let the child’s creativity flow again. Makes it clear so that the child can more clearly indicate what he wants and does not want.
Encourages approaching that which can lead to development with an open mind and critical thought.
This Energetica supports daring to communicate with the environment, and doing this out of love. Unconditionally. This re-establishes a thriving connection between the child and the environment.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 4

This children’s dolphin energy harmonizes the energies that have become disturbed by the child being treated unjustly or by people not having empathy for the child. This sometimes expresses itself in anger (Yang) or in helplessness (Yin). The child can often express himself with intensity and be angry, or can withdraw and become introverted.
When the child works with this Energetica, an inner balance can be created, and the child can return to his own strength. This Energetica works on the solechakra, the splenochakra and the coronochakra, purifying these chakras so that the child can work from the heart and love flows again.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 5

This children’s dolphin energy helps the child to be able to be himself in a time of pressure and movement around him. The Energetica helps to place protection around the child when many stimuli are being picked up from the environment. This can create imbalance because the child cannot yet make a distinction between which stimuli come from himself and which are from the environment. By screening off the energy, the child can return fully to himself, so that the child can develop from his own energy and strength. The personality can develop better and more quickly.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 6

This dolphin energy protects the heart of the child. It is a purely loving energy that can heal the child who has experienced grief.
The energy helps the child to recover his own strength and to let go of the grief, so that the child returns to his own creative energy. The energy can be used very well for processing trauma and has a grounding effect.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 7

This children’s dolphin energy helps the child to remain present with himself. This energy is suited in particular for highly sensitive children. The energy has a protective effect. It helps the child to remain in his body and thus to keep both feet on the ground.
It screens off excessive stimuli that these children sometimes receive from their environment.
Children who are not well incarnated benefit a great deal from this energy.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 8

This children’s dolphin energy supports the child in staying present with himself and removes doubts about the child’s own abilities.
Because the environment does not always understand a child, there is often noise created, which leads to conditioning of the child. This energy supports the child in resolving the conditioning, and returns the child to his own strength.
Gives self-confidence and promotes the flow of energy.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 9

This children’s dolphin energy returns strength and willpower to the child. Children can display depression and as a result not be able to stand in their own strength.
For children who have sometimes been ill or who have been through a difficult period, this energy helps to restore the sun or their own wisdom.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 10

This children’s dolphin energy has a grounding effect and helps children and their environment to return to their intuition. Where children and their environment are too engrossed by material things, there is sometimes little space left for intuition.
The most beautiful gift is to do enjoyable things together. This might not always be possible, but there must be space for it.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 11

This children’s dolphin energy helps children return to their own strength. The energy supports children who are or were often teased and have therefore become the victim of their environment.
It is important that these children take back control over themselves and not let themselves be resigned to having lost control over their own direction.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 12

This children’s dolphin energy supports children who are shy or withdrawn. These children often look tired or apathetic.
When they come into contact with this energy, they slowly but surely creep back out of their shell. It is important that children actively participate and have interests, that they be curious about what is happening around them.



Kinder Dolfijn Energetica bottle 13

This children’s dolphin energy has a harmonizing effect. It restores children’s belief in themselves and makes them soft and loving.
For children who react intensely and are quickly irritated, this energy helps the child to return to himself, making the child loving and soft.