You can use the Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® in different ways. You make the choicWildQuest_W11_2015 126 ce based on a test of one or more dolphin energies. You can test them with a pendant, muscle test, pulse diagnosis or test, biotensor, going on intuition, or how it feels when you hold a bottle. For children, it goes without saying that they can pick up a bottle and can feel which one can support them.
Once you have made a choice, then you can put together a ‘complex’. That is a bottle of 30cc largely filled with spring water. Add 1 drop from every tested energy. You can then consume this several times per day as needed. The standard dose is 4x per day to consume 4 drops.

The Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® can be combined with all forms of therapy. The energies are often used as a supporting agent in natural healing, EEN therapy, orthomolecular therapy, for healings, (chair) massage, regression and reincarnation therapy and meditation. The Kinder Dolfijn Energetica are also increasingly applied by children’s coaches.


  • During a treatment, you can apply a drop under the tongue or rub a drop onto the skin where a blockage is located.

    Hangertje met Rubber koord

    Silver Pendant

  • Put a couple of drops in a tube and wear this for three weeks, in your left-hand pocket.
  • Put the tube in your pillow case, or under your bottom sheet.
  • During a meditation, you can consume a drop, or carry a bottle/tube with you.
  • Special silver pendants with a mini tube (dims. 30 x 9 mm) in them are available for this. If you order a pendant, then this will be filled if requested with the agents chosen by/tested for you. For this, look on the Orders
  • Add a few drops to the massage oil.
  • During a healing, put a few drops on your hands and then do the treatments.
  • During a healing or massage, hold a bottle on the coronochakra.