Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 1

Chakra: Crown Chakra

Helps to let the love flow again. Transforms inner restlessness and drives and brings you in touch with your feelings. The energy promotes peace, so that someone can again work from his intuition and can again think clearly. The energy helps to transform power and powerlessness into unconditional love. This energy also helps in letting go of old emotions and restores balance. You can thus work through the pure willpower. This energy helps you to stand in your own strength. Your godly personhood can express itself through you.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 2

Chakra: Forehead Chakra

Helps to gain insight into yourself, supports your paranormal capacities such as clairvoyance, works on your concentration point or third eye.
This energy also helps you to gain insight into your own life purpose.
This energy helps to clear out hindering emotions by giving insight into the creation of the emotion.
When you work with this energy, you bring clarity into your own existence.
Amplifies the inner light and brings you close to your inner child, lets emotions flow again and gives happiness.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 3

Chakra: Forehead Chakra

Supports having confidence in yourself, so that you stay more present with yourself.
Gives protection for people who tend to doubt themselves too much and are too open to doubting themselves.
When people work with this energy, they can stay more present with themselves, so that they can develop their own strength. This ultimately gives self-confidence.
This Energetica helps to gain insight and to have respect for yourself and your own life circumstances. When you are in a transformation process, this energy supports gaining insight into the purpose of this change.
Also supports people who work too much out of the ego and thereby block themselves. Transforms into love.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 4

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Works on the heart and lets the feminine energy flow again.
When you can begin to work from the heart, you can experience love again.
This energy also helps in letting go what is not you’re yourself, such as imposed norms and values. The energy also frees you from all thoughts that you have created yourself but that do match your intuition. The energy supports you in turning inwards again, in feeling free, and it is therefore very well suited to all forms of meditation.
This energy gives a feeling of mildness and empathy. Support for muscle complaints that are created due to rigidity. Ensures a better flor and works on the heart chakra.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 5

Chakra: Heart chakra

Supports you in letting go of your ego. When you are no longer acting out of power and powerlessness, then feelings can emerge. Feelings represent your feminine energy.
This energy supports a better flow of the feminine energy.
Also helps in escaping from the effects of power and powerlessness.
This energy also support the transformation of conditional love into the Christ consciousness/unity consciousness. That is to say, you only act out of unconditional love.
This energy supports people who have blocked their heart chakra because they have not been treated justly. But it also transforms where people still think too much in terms of guilt and punishment. Gives insight into karmic patterns so that people begin to think more in consciousness and sub-consciousness, so that judgements can be let go.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 6

Chakra: Coronochakra

Connects the heart chakra with the coronochakra so that you begin to act from the Christ consciousness. With the energy that thus becomes available to you, you can shape and create.
The energy works on the memory and recollection. It opens the Sacred Knowledge that is stored in the heart chakra. This is the wisdom that is already in you before you come to earth. The energy also promotes paranormal capacities. You can better align yourself with spiritual guides.
This energy works on the coronochakra and is a support for people who think too much out of powerlessness. With the use of these agents, powerlessness is transformed into love. This energy is the Christ energy of this Energetica.
The ego is also transformed into unconditional love.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 7

Chakra: Splenochakra

Creates unity between the masculine and feminine. The energy transformed sex-oriented thinking. You appreciate the person as a person and not because of their sexual nature. You begin to see each individual as a godly personhood, regardless of gender. The energy helps people who think and act strongly out of the ego to think and act more out of love and purity. It supports these people in developing more on the feelings side. The energy also supports people who are hard on themselves and express this in forms of self-destructiveness; racism and discrimination are transformed into gentleness and empathy.
This energy works on the splenochakra. It helps to let blocked feelings flow again. Gives the child in yourself the space for vitality to flow more easily. Where people work too much out of imposed, fixed norms and values, people can let these go, so that the intuition can be followed again.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 8

Chakra: Splenochakra

For people who do not accept themselves as they are. This happens because they list too much to the opinions of others who tell them how they should be.
The energy supports you in freeing yourself of the opinions of others and respecting yourself as you are. Supports people who cannot forgive, because they think sub-consciously and judge in terms of guilt and punishment. Every person is a child of God and their own unique being, including you. The energy helps you to move more into your God consciousness.
The lemniscate: balance between giving and receiving, peace and happiness.
This energy works together with the Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® series 1 no. 7 on the splenochakra and supports people who act too much out of thinking. People who worry and fret a great deal are helped enormously by this remedy. Fear of making mistakes is the cause of that. Gives clarity of thought and a feeling of security.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 9

Chakra: Solechakra

Supports in moving more into and staying in your feelings, so that you begin to trust yourself more. The energy also works on the kundalini energy. This is your spiritual energy.
The energy helps you to anchor love deep in yourself and to feel happy and content again. When the kundalini flows past the pineal gland to the yin tang point (extended bone marrow or third eye), the third eye opens. This creates clairvoyant observations. This energy also helps to come more into balance, so that inner duality can be let go.
Restores the self-worth and gives new insight and trust in the Self:
When you work with this energy, you will notice that you gain increasing self-confidence and that you can let go of your fear patterns.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 10

Chakra: Foot chakras

A strong grounding energy. This energy is a powerful energy for people who are not well grounded. It supports being able to land with two feet on the ground.
For people who are busy with the spiritual and live in a fantasy world in order to escape the earth. This energy also helps with addiction problems, absentmindedness, concentration problems and stress. The energy also supports people who are too much in their thoughts and exploit their bodies. Restores the physical strength.
Gives self-confidence and inner peace.
Grounding and coming into balance with the material. Where people are too attached to the material, this energy gives insight into this. Works on the foot chakra and is a support for people with physical symptoms in stress situations. Gives an inner feeling of peace.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 11

Chakra: Throat chakra

Works on the throat chakra and inner knowledge. Also promotes the collaboration between the left and right halves of the brain and connects these with the frontal lobe, in the front of the head. The energy restores the balance between body, mind and spirit.
This is the Sacred Trinity in yourself. You will be continuously inspired, so that you can bring the Sacred Knowledge to earth. You are then connected with the Source.
This energy works on the throat chakra; this contains all knowledge stored from previous lives. Helps to let creative power flow again, and this energy is also a support for people who lack self-esteem. The energy helps them to dare (again) to express themselves and to see their fellow humans from a brother/sister relationship.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 12

Chakra: Coronochakra

Brings balance between spirit, mind and the material. This energy helps you not to cling to the material. Works on the right half of the body. The energy gives you relief from cramps and tension and lets energy flow again. Helps with shoulder and neck symptoms. Brings balance between mental energy and physical energy. With introversion, the energy promotes communication. For people who want to cling tightly to control and therefore think rigidly.
The energy works on the higher aura layers. When they are in balance with the material and work purely out of willpower, the spirit will gradually be able to open, so that it can increasingly align with the Christ consciousness.


Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 1 bottle 13

Chakra: All chakras

Supports you in respecting and appreciating yourself. Also helps you to be gentle with yourself. For people who think in terms of guilt and punishment and therefore cannot love themselves, because these people do not acknowledge themselves, they continuously seek confirmation from others.
The energy is also for people who have lost themselves in their jobs. It brings them back to themselves. The energy helps you with mediation in order to turn inwards and to see your own inner beauty. The energy brings you completely into the here and now.
This energy can also be used with emotional blockages and karmic patterns that have accumulated during this life or previous lives.
For people who are too much and too high in their spirituality and are therefore no longer in the here and now. The cause can be that emotions are blocked. Helps to let the emotions flow, so that the highest spirituality can be experienced, and it simultaneously helps with good grounding. This is ‘bringing Heaven to Earth’. The Fulfilment.