Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 1

Meridian: Circulation – Yin

This Energetica works deeply through to where the willpower has become blocked.
Gives insight so that the strength can be restored. The pattern blocks that willpower is sometimes laid down a very long time in the past.
Where people are sometimes too strictly bound to all kinds of norms and values and cannot accept responsibility for themselves, this energy is transformative so that they pure willpower can be restored. People can again accept their own responsibility. This energy gives a strength that restores the self-confidence.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 2

Meridian: Long – Yin

This Energetica supports where the light power has become blocked.
Works on the left half of the body and is an enormous support. It gives strength for processing grief.
This energy also helps with depressions that arise due to unexpected emotions.
It supports people in their transformation process and gives strength for handling changes.
Sometimes, changes are needed and are chosen by the soul in order to ultimately achieve growth.
With the experience and the learning that are gained, people can later again be of service to their fellow man. Strengthens the adaptive capacity and works on the right half of the brain.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 3

Meridian: Large intestine – Yang

This energy gives flow where blockages have arisen due to rigidity.
Creates softness and understand for the fellow man and gives insight into blockages that have been created from thought.
No truth – that is told by others – is the ultimate truth. The sacred truth for every individual is at their own vibration level.
When people are not treated respectfully and truths are imposed, people can let go through insight. When people use this energy together with the power of forgiveness, this is an enormous support in processing traumas.
The energy works on the right half of the body and helps the spirit to come into balance.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 4

Meridian: Gall bladder – Yang

This Energetica works together with the Series 2 no. 10 on the transformation of karma that is upset by imbalance and compassion is created.
This energy can also have a transformative effect for physical complaints that express themselves primarily in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.
This energy has a purifying effect and can be used for spiritual purification.
It has a stimulating effect with blood pressure problems and helps to find more inner balance.
This energy makes a person strong and gentle simultaneously. It is therefore in alignment with the Christ consciousness.
This energy can also be an aid for skin rash. Drink a great deal of water with this energy!



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 5

Meridian: Heart – Yin

This dolphin energy is a support for people moving toward the Christ consciousness. Especially people who want to work out of unconditional love often deal with a lack of understanding in their environment.
Also for people who are treated unjustly and who are sometimes affected deep in their heart, when they work with this Energetica, they can restore the space for their heart and start to work out of love.
This energy works like a soulmate: you feel supported and dare to be a pioneer in whatever area of love you wish to express.
This energy is a support with regression and reincarnation therapy and transforms all karma that is created on the basis of injustice. The loving energy can flow again, and that is a homecoming.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 6

Meridian: Liver – Yin

This energy is an enormous support for people who are moving toward the Christ consciousness. It is a powerful loving energy that makes a deep connection at the heart level.
When the love force is blocked because people are not treated lovingly, this dolphin energy 6 works together with the dolphin energy 10: to restore the connection to fellow humans. It restores trust and self-worth. The energy is also a support for people who sometimes fall back into patterns of self-pity.
This dolphin energy ensures that these people are returned to their own leadership. For people who are hard on themselves and their environment, it supports the connection again being made out of love.
The energy is also supportive with meditation.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 7

Meridian: Spleen – Yin

This dolphin energy supports people who have been acting too much out of thinking for too long and have blocked their feelings. That blockage has often been created in childhood because people were treated too much out of norms, duties and values. When parents have their feelings blocked, it is also difficult for them to have understanding for the emotions of children.
When you are sensitive and intuitive as a child, you begin to doubt that intuition, so that the emotions are often processed silently, and feelings become blocked. This dolphin energy also often feels like a real childhood friend. It is the energy that the children have with them when they come to the Earth.
This energy is also a support for children in adolescence to let the love force flow so that the connections that are made are created out of unconditional love.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 8

Meridian: Stomach – Yang

This energy promotes clarity of thought. It is the crystal among the dolphin energies.
Also works on the pancreas, and the mental meaning of this gland stands for clarity of thought. This energy is supportive when people are stuck in thought patterns from the past and therefore do not live in the here and now. When they work with this energy, old patterns can be let go. This energy also gives certainty when people continuously have doubts.
Gives insight and helps to make the right choice.
With children who have concentration problems, this dolphin energy supports balance.
In combination with Series 2 no. 7, this Energetica gives a happy and joyful feeling and restores the balance between feeling and thinking.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 9

Meridian: Bladder – Yang

This dolphin energy helps to let go of fears and restores the primal power. Fears arise when people are often involved with that which is out of reach. This often comes from ego thinking.
When people are in balance with the material, and they have let go of desire, this energy helps to bring a new structure to living.
The energy also helps with all forms of letting go in relationship problems and processing grief. The emotions may be expressed so that they can be let go. The trust in one’s own strength can be strengthened with this energy. This dolphin energy is a support in letting go of fears and transforms those into self-confidence and certainty.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 10

Meridian: Kidney – Yin

This dolphin Energetica restores the primal power that comes in through the foot chakras.
When the strengths become blocked due to all kinds of reasons, through energetic disruptions that are sometimes recognizable as family patterns, this dolphin energy disconnects a person from this pattern and restores the balance with the material. The Mother Earth energy (magnetism) of this dolphin energy is very powerful. This dolphin energy can also be used for ear problems.
The cause of ear problems is often that people do not follow the inner voice and have therefore listened too much to the advice of others.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 11

Meridian: Small intestine – Yang

This energy amplifies people’s creative power and ensures flow.
When these powers are sometimes blocked, it can be because people have no longer worked from the heart.
This dolphin energy is also a support for people who still have difficulty in realizing the unconditional love in themselves. They are often still ego-oriented. The cause is fear of losing control. When they begin working with this energy, they will let go more, so that the trust in the love forces can be restored.
People who are resonating with this dolphin energy are capable of unprecedented performance.
Their gifts come more to the surface, and they create good leadership. Also transforms dominance into good leadership.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 12

Meridian: Triple burner

This energy restores the Godly power in people. When people work with this energy, they can more easily make connections at the soul level. When people still have problems in making contacts out of love, this dolphin energy gives insight into why people do not dare to do this.
This Energetica contains a power that restores the balance between body, mind and soul. Restores the Sacred Trinity so that people can grow from unconditional love into wholeness.
This dolphin energy is also a support for people who feel unhappy. This occurs when people sometimes have fear of looking inward. The cause can be dogmas that are too rigid, religions and laws that are clung to; the spirit then has no space.
When people work with this Energetica, this rigid attitude is transformed into a real loving force from the soul to the heart.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 2 bottle 13

Meridian: –  Yin -Yang

This Dolfijn Energetica helps people who have difficulty living fully in the here and now.
The soul then has no space, and people do not really take time for themselves. This dolphin energy is also the dolphin energy of time. Helps a person to find themselves again in periods where pressure, stress and haste reign. Sometimes, people subconsciously choose this in order not to have to be with their feelings, and they escape into work.
This energy is also suitable for people who put themselves under time pressure and who are not flexible for themselves. This Energetica helps to be gentle and honest with yourself so that you make time and space free for yourself. Promotes the power of concentration and puts you fully in the here and now.
This energy works on the nervous system and gives strength and confidence.