Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 1

Correspondence: Violet, Coronal

This Energetica helps to amplify the pure willpower and gives insight into why it has become blocked. People can only let unconditional love flow out of purity.
Also transforms all burdens that have been imposed by others. You may be yourself and follow your intuition; that also gives strength so that you can realize your own ideas. These ideas and impulses have sometimes long been provided by your spirit being, but due to a lack of pure willpower have been put on a shelf.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 2

Correspondence: Nervous system – Left half of the body

This Energetica works on the right half of the brain and corresponds with the left half of the body. The energy helps in particular with pain symptoms that are created by communication problems.
When the inner wisdom is not followed, you move increasingly further from yourself. The cause can be that in the past, too much pressure was imposed because our nurturers were not yet aligned with the Christ consciousness. Norms and values that are too strict do not give the soul any space, certainly when these are imposed out of the ego. This can lead to nervousness and inner unrest because the self-confidence is blocked and doubt has arisen. This dolphin energy gives insight and contains a powerful healing that works deeply into the nervous system. Gives inner peace.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 3

Correspondence: Mental Body – Right half of the body

This Energetica works on the mental body and gives insight into life lessons. The energy works on the left half of the brain and corresponds with the right half of the body.
When the symptoms are on the right side, it is important to get insight into what can be released. Too much pressure that is imposed by the outside world can lead to numerous psychosomatic symptoms.
The energy also restores you to your own leadership so that you can again take responsibility. This is needed to live and to work out of the Christ consciousness.
For people with a leadership position, this dolphin energy is also a support for carrying out their leadership out of humanity.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 4

Correspondence: Pink – Heart, Small intestine

This Energetica is a support for people who are still hard on themselves. This can be expressed in cramped joints and stiffening of the muscles.
The colour pink makes strength through softness and gives a happy feeling inside. You can only love yourself out of gentleness and compassion. The more you love yourself, the more you radiate that into your environment as well. This energy is a support for people who also have high expectations for their environment and who have not yet realized unconditional love.
This dolphin energy is also a support for abdominal cramps/works on the small intestine and on the heart.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 5

Correspondence: Spring green – Physical body

This Energetica has a strong healing effect for physical symptoms that sometimes arise out of the psyche. This energy can also be used for support and recovery after illness. The colour spring green also gives a loving and warm feeling.
This dolphin energy is also a support for people who have not been treated justly. It helps to heal emotional wounds.
Gives insight when you are too judgemental of yourself and others. You give others more space and let everyone go their own way. This gives you freedom and lets energy flow again.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 6

Correspondence: Yellow – Tone Regulation

This Energetica helps to let the unconditional love flow. Anger and powerlessness are transformed. The energy has a healing effect on symptoms of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. These can arise when there is too much tension maintained (tone regulation) that occurs when powerlessness has been felt for too long.
This dolphin energy ensures that the flexibility increases and creates suppleness in the thinking. Life lessons are sometimes chosen for the soul to ultimately be able to grow into the Christ consciousness. The energy also disconnects from all karma that is created from the ego. Works on the solar plexus and gives a sunny feeling.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 7

Correspondence: Orange – Yin Organs

This Energetica is a support for people who have blocked their intuition and therefore cannot follow their inner voice. This causes symptoms such as stuffy noses and abdominal pain in children. When people work too much out of the rational because they constantly have to be alert, fear and pressure are created that block the feelings.
The energy gives flow; the vibration of the colour orange: also cleanses the kundalini energy.
This energy can also be used for healing of the physical body because it enters all the organs through the spinal cord and the nervous system. The balance between the yin and yang organs is restored.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 8

Correspondence: Crystal – Causal body

This dolphin energy helps with blockages that are created by thought. This Energetica also works for electro-smog and earth rays. This unconsciously causes a great deal of tension in the aura and the causal body becomes cramped. This expresses itself in the thoughts: stuck thinking, thoughts of hopelessness etc.
This energy is also a support for people who are depressed; it helps them to find mental-grounding balance. This energy is crystal clear and gives flow, peace and relaxation.
This energy is also a support for people who worry and fret too much out of fear of making mistakes. The cause can lie in the past, where actions were still taken out of guilt and punishment. The energy restores the balance together with Series 3 no. 7 between feeling and thinking.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 9

Correspondence: Grounding strength – Perineum

This Energetica gives grounding strength and restores the confidence in yourself, gives a feeling of safety and thus resolves fears. For people who are missing strength in themselves, this energy gives insight and flow where the strength has become blocked.
Only out of self-confidence can you trust your inner knowledge and do you dare to play out of yourself. This also gives openness and clarity toward your environment.
The energy is a support for people who have too much on their plates and do this out of fear that they otherwise will not be good enough. Restores the self-esteem and supports living and acting out of the Christ consciousness.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 10

Correspondence: Gold-brown – Feet, Thymus

This energy has the vibration of gold-brown. The Mother Earth energy among the Dolfijn Energetica. The energy supports people who still have difficulty in accepting themselves and their physical body. The cause can be that people were once rejected on appearance by people who still acted out of the ego.
Restores the self-worth and works on the foot chakras and the thymus gland. Only when you have restored your confidence in yourself and can love yourself can you act out of freedom. This is the basis and the foundation of the Christ consciousness. Then the love can flow, and you can make a paradise for yourself on Earth.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 11

Correspondence: Cobalt – Shoulders, Neck

This dolphin energy contains the vibration of cobalt and helps with shoulder and neck symptoms. The energy helps to transform to the Christ consciousness.
When there is a shortage of the colour cobalt, then people have difficult with adapting to the environment.
This energy also supports with hormonal problems. The cause can be that there has been an imbalance for a long time. For people with feelings of inferiority, this dolphin energy gives insight into where these come from. The cause is often that there is still too much thinking out of the caste system. The energy helps you to respect yourself and to respect others as well, and that every soul has its own way to go in its unique chosen plan.
For people who take on too much care and burdens from others out of the fear of not being good enough, the energy supports them in escaping from this.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 12

Correspondence: Gold – Light body

This Energetica contains the vibration of gold and works up to the highest godly light body. The energy lets you realize that God is love and that you may express this love here on Earth, out of the Christ consciousness.
This energy also gives insight when giving and receiving is not in balance. Only a person who can receive can also give. This is the real meaning of flow!
For people with burn-out, who are over-worked and after intense mental labour (studies, projects, etc.), this energy restores the balance.
Also gives the insight that peace and meditation are needed in order to get and to stay in balance.
The symbol of this is the Star of David – the soul that has oriented toward the Godly and then brings the Godly to expression on Earth.



Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® Series 3 bottle 13

This dolphin energy helps you to be more present in the here and now and to let go of time pressure. For people who are spiritual and have let go of the connection with the Earth, this Energetica gives insight and groundedness.
This is needed in order not to get lost in fantasy and to be able to experience the high spirituality on Earth.
The energy is also a support for people who still have difficulty in opening themselves to the spiritual. It helps them to align themselves with a higher plane. These people sometimes work much too hard and do not give themselves any time and space in order to gather as many earthly possessions as possible.
The energy can be used in all stress situations and gives balance, calm and clarity.