Series 2

ADE 2 - 13 klein

This series of Asberg Dolfijn Energetica® have a very deep and powerful effect. They contain very high energetic vibrations and work on the deeper layers of the chakras as well as on the energy system.
Where Series 1 opens the chakras, with Series 2 the blockages that are sometimes locked up deep in the sub-consciousness can be brought to the surface.
They are a support for becoming aware of karmic blockages such as family karma, but also your own karma from this life or from previous lives. They penetrate deeply to free the DNA level, where the karmic patterns are stored, so that the karma can be resolved.
The agents work on the meridian system, and every Energetica works specifically on one meridian.
The balance between yin, the feminine energy, and yang, the masculine energy, can be restored.
When yin and yang are in balance, the duality can be released, so that higher energies can flow through us.

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