Series 3


ADE 3 - 13 klein

The spirit that wants to work out of the Christ consciousness (or Unity consciousness) sometimes has a very long journey. For them, Series 3 is a terrific support in working out that which the spirit has chosen.
This Series 3 works in particular on the physical body and contains a high energy vibration that works through into the highest aura bodies. Blockages that are expressed in the physical and that sometimes originate in previous lives can become conscious and healed. Then the emotions can crystallize, and the energy can begin to flow freely.
Series 3 also transforms all blockades that are imposed by the ego and transforms the ego into the Christ consciousness. This means acting out of unconditional love and being completely in balance with the mind and spirit.
The spirit can now begin to express itself on Earth and fulfil the real task: bringing light and love, so that everyone can be brought to a higher plane.

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